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Eight Labels You Can Be Proud to Own

by Emily Jarecki

The labels we have in society are limitless. Some are ones that we’d be honored to have bestowed upon us, like most popular or Homecoming King and Queen. Then there are the labels that make us sound priggish and an outcast from society. However, times are changing, and so too are the implications of those labels. Here are just a few that you can be proud to own:

1. Never Been Kissed

At first glance, having this label might make a person feel like they are prudish and unattainable. However, I believe this title elevates them above others because their priorities lie in goals like family, career, education, or something else that gives them a sense of purpose. Never having been kissed puts them above others because they prove they have the power of discernment and control in their lives and goals. Nothing is more empowering than being able to focus on oneself.

2. Early Bird

‘Early bird’ used to make a person sound like they always followed a strict and timely schedule and were rarely swayed from their path by serendipity. In other words, boring and orderly. But I disagree entirely; a person should feel proud to have this title because it means that they show not only eagerness but also respect - something that is becoming increasingly difficult to come by in others. People should be jealous of those who come to a party on time and even try to be early birds themselves.

3. Bookworm

There will always be people burying their noses in a book, whether at the lunch table, on the sidewalk, or before bed. Their house might even come closer to looking like an actual library than a home. Still, with every book read, they’ve had an experience with hundreds of different personalities, explored the consciousness of countless characters, and are in possession of endless knowledge. Plus, it goes without saying that they can impress others at cocktail parties with cool words like “octameter-acatalectic.” Bookworms might just be the most surprising and exciting people out there and should be proud to consider themselves so.

4. Old Soul

Few would consider being called an old soul as a compliment because it seems to neglect their youth, vitality, and energy. Yet, one should be proud to have this title because it proves that they have a unique and unmatched spirit in the modern world. Old souls hold others’ respect because they are seen as wise beyond their years through many lives before this one. Their transcendent spirit is alive with insight that sees into the past, present, and future. One can only hope to come across an old soul in our young, sensationalized generation to understand their own existence in the universe better.

5. Clean-Freak

Being called a clean-freak resonates with being a nag, draining, or obsessive with keeping the status quo. However, once you meet a clean-freak, you’ll appreciate them in ways words cannot even describe. Clean-freaks possess a special ability to plan for the future, often offsetting present pleasures in lieu of creating an easy routine the next morning. Folding clothes, dusting the side table, washing dishes, and mopping the floor all show them to be pristine and caring for their belongings and are always prepared and eager for a friend to visit.

6. Romantic

A romantic is someone with their head in the clouds, living in an imaginative world where everything is unrealistic and unattainable. At least, that’s what people used to think. To be a romantic is not impractical- it’s actually visionary because that means they haven’t lost passion and affection in life. Being a romantic means looking at the world with a glass-half-full rather than half-empty, optimism that will help them to overcome all of life’s toils and troubles.

7. Fashion-Freak

Call them a thrifter or a brand designer, fashion-freaks make their own trends to stand out. They might add something unique to an existing style or create an entire wardrobe not yet seen by the public. Fashion-freaks always used to be shunned for their inability to fit in, but now, confidence is in, and they might just be one of the few that speak that language. It’s time for all of us to embrace who we are and not be afraid to express our inner fashion-freak.

8. Daddy’s Girl/ Momma’s Boy

There should be no shame in having a strong attachment to the first relationship you’ve ever had: the relationship with your parents. In fact, a person’s ability to maintain close ties to their parents shows their ability to have trust, gratitude, and an emotional connection in relationships. To be appreciative of parents is one thing- but to have a special bond with them is a love that will last a lifetime. Why not be proud of having something so special?

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