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From Dance Floors to Hollywood: The Rise of Damian Terriquez

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

by Wynn Wilder

Image of non-binary actor, Damian Terriquez
Photo by Tommy Flanagan

"Depending on how far back we’re counting ‘getting started’ I would say I started off as a dancer," Damian Terriquez, one of the top non-binary Latinx actors to watch in 2023, shares about their journey into the entertainment industry. Bursting onto the scene with a unique blend of rhythm and style, Terriquez is setting a blazing trail in an industry undergoing its own metamorphosis.

A Rhythmic Beginning

Damian's journey began on a more rhythmic note, rooted in the art of dance. Transitioning from dancing to production work, they attribute their success to breaking free of self-imposed limitations and embracing the full gamut of possibilities their talent could offer. "Booking my first speaking role felt like such a validation and like I was getting the ball rolling. There was no looking back after that," Terriquez recalls.

Dance and Fashion in Characterization

The strength of Damian's performance lies in their unique approach to characterization, one that borrows heavily from their background in dance and fashion. "Dance is such a great background to have as an actor. It helps me decide how a character will move and physicality is such an important part of getting to know a character," Terriquez explains. They dive into their character's universe by mirroring the character's bodily expressions and donning their sartorial choices.

A Star in "Glamorous"

Fresh from their role in Netflix's "Glamorous", Damian shares their experience portraying Dizmal, the true ride-or-die friend we all wish we had. "Dizmal is the best friend everyone should have in their corner. They might be a little selfish and rough around the edges but I think that under all the performance and outward presentation Dizmal exhibits, they are a true ride or die," Terriquez describes with a sparkle in their eyes.

Working with Industry Icons

Working alongside industry icons such as Kim Cattrall has intensified Damian's star. "It was such an out of body experience. To think that I grew up watching her shows and movies, and that within a few months pursuing this career I would be sharing a scene with her is crazy," Terriquez reflects on their experience.

A Voice for Non-Binary Representation

As one of the leading voices for non-binary representation in Hollywood, Damian extends their influence beyond the screen. "I just hope that I can show others in my position that there is room for everyone and that the industry really is changing so profoundly," Damian passionately states. Their advocacy work for trans and non-binary representation and shedding light on the complexities surrounding this issue is a testament to their commitment towards representation and advocacy.

A Life Beyond the Limelight

Despite the thrilling chaos of their career, Damian cherishes their personal life. Whether it’s spending quality time with their fiancé Luke Lowrey, their miniature schnauzer, or their vibrant Mexican family, Terriquez understands the importance of life beyond the limelight.

A Linguistic Asset

In an industry that spans languages and cultures, Damian's linguistic talents are quite the asset. Fluent in Spanish, French, and Italian, Damian would love to add German and Arabic to their linguistic repertoire. "I’ve absolutely pretended not to know what someone was saying just to listen in," they confess with a cheeky smile.

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead, Damian's dream collaborators are a testament to their appreciation for Hollywood's finest. From Salma Hayek's exceptional talent in front and behind the camera, to the three Mexican directorial stalwarts - Del Toro, Cuarón, and Iñárritu.

Looking ahead, Damian's dream collaborators are a testament to their appreciation for Hollywood's finest. From Salma Hayek's exceptional talent in front and behind the camera, to the three Mexican directorial stalwarts - Del Toro, Cuarón, and Iñárritu - Damian's choice reveals their deep respect for filmmakers who illuminate life's diverse facets.

Hobbies and Ventures

Beyond the realms of acting, Damian enjoys dabbling in hobbies like dance, gardening, and knitting. There’s something about the tangible results these activities yield that provide a sense of fulfillment. Their venture, Epicoene, which aimed to bring gender-neutral clothing to Los Angeles, was a project borne out of a similar sentiment.

Inspiration and Aspirations

A lifelong fan of the arts and constantly reshaping their narrative, Damian's fond remembrances of their first celebrity crushes, Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez from the Sandlot and Wilmer Valderrama as Fez in That 70’s Show, offer a glimpse into their personal inspirations. With an enthusiasm for both the DC and Marvel universes, Terriquez expressed their interest in playing Valentine Vuong and Stitch, hinting at their versatile range.

A Beacon of Change

Unmistakably, Damian Terriquez is carving a path that others are sure to follow. Their dedication to authenticity, diversity, and trans and non-binary representation has begun to redefine Hollywood's storytelling landscape. Terriquez is a clear testament that inclusivity and representation in media can not only open doors but can also change lives. "It’s not just about the spotlight, but about using that spotlight to shine on others," they say. With their unwavering commitment to positive change and their growing platform, Terriquez is unquestionably an inspirational figure and a powerful agent of change in Hollywood and beyond.

As we anticipate the release of "Glamorous" on Netflix on June 22, we can't help but be excited about the impact Damian Terriquez will continue to make in the industry. Their story is a powerful reminder that with authenticity, dedication, and a bit of sparkle, one can indeed make a significant difference.


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