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Bold Lip Looks Are Back for Fall

by Jennah Owda

The matte lipstick look is finally out of style, and gloss is back! I absolutely love a fresh face look, and a glossy lip only accentuates it. Contrary to 2016’s full glam looks, less is more has become the mantra for 2021. While face makeup has become more natural this year, lip looks have become bolder than ever.

The Magic Behind Lip Liner

This has to be my favorite go-to bold lip look of 2021. It can be achieved by buying a dark brown lip liner—my personal favorite is the NYX Slim Lip Pencil Creamy Long-Lasting Lip Liner in Espresso—and simply following the lines of your lips while slightly shading the top of your upper lip and the bottom of your lower lip. By doing this, you will create a natural ombre look. If you’d like, you can grab a lipstick that is a couple of shades lighter and fill in the rest of your lips. I sometimes just leave my natural lip color. To top it all off, grab your glossiest lip gloss and be sure to smother your lips in it. An influencer that always rocks this wet lip look is the beautiful Jacinda. They are seen rocking this look with bright-colored lip liners and nude lip liners.

Never Too Much Glitter

I was not convinced at first when I saw that glitter lipstick was trending. All I could think about was how messy and patchy it could look on lips that are constantly moving, but after seeing it in Emma Luna’s Tik Tok that received over 3 million likes, I was sold. It is fair to say she started a trend. After receiving so much love, the lip look has been worn by trusted makeup guru Mikayla Nogueira, which she says she's obsessed. It's a great way to bring a bit of fun to your natural glam look.

Black Is the New Red

With alternative punk becoming one of the largest trends of 2021, black lipstick has made a comeback. With Halloween sneaking up, it is a perfect time to bring back darker shades of lipstick and try out the color black. The dark shade has been trending on TikTok because of an old interview with Rihanna expressing how much she loves black lipstick. Her boldness and confidence inspired many TikTok users to try out black lipstick. As a result, the sound has been used by TikTokers over 5 thousand times as they show off their bold lip look.

Rihanna says in the interview, “I love black lipstick. I think it’s daring, it’s bold. There’s a way that it can be really, really beautiful. It’s one of those colors that people shy away from a lot, but if you do the right balance of make-up, I think black is such a beautiful color. It could be the new red.”

Lips Stains Can Be Fun Too

With the cold weather coming, you may be more concerned about keeping your lips hydrated rather than participating in a bold lip look. No worries! I found a look that is more on the calmer side but is still very trendy and hydrating. Lip stains have become super popular this year. They are great if you want to keep applying chapstick on your lips but also want a pop of color. You're probably wondering how lip stains can be a bold lip look. Taking it back to the basics, another way to achieve a bold lip look is by wearing a color you usually wouldn't wear. Fall is coming, and orange and purple lips are in. A lip stain with a bit of gloss or chapstick on top is a great way to be bold and casual.


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