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Body Mods & Confidence Boosts

by Jaclyn Lupo

When we get a great haircut or splurge on a new outfit, we tend to romanticize ourselves in the mirror. Whatever change we made compliments our body perfectly, and we feel AMAZING. However, those positive feelings tend to wear off quickly.

That’s where more permanent body modifications come in.

Tattoos and piercings have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Celebrities are frequently showing off their new ink and jewelry. From Halsey to Kendall Jenner, there’s no doubt that body modifications are on-trend. Whether it’s nipple piercings or a flower tattoo, there’s this absolute confidence that accompanies body art and endures long after the procedure..

Even better, tattoos are now more accepted in society, especially amongst millennials and gen Z. Tattoos are art, and art is self-expression at its finest. They can serve as a map of our emotional life by reminding us of what has shaped us into who we are today.

So, why is it that body mods are almost always accompanied by self-esteem boosts?

Well, science claims self-esteem comes from within. According to psychology, self-esteem refers to a person’s overall sense of value. Low self-esteem is linked to depression and anxiety, whereas higher levels of self-esteem turn into confidence. This then blossoms into a more positive life experience. Self-esteem levels correlate with someone’s success and motivation. Unfortunately, it’s a fact that low self-esteem leads to people quitting on themselves before they achieve their goals, which is why it’s important that people feel worthy.

Tattoos and piercings allow people to revamp their look for a more authentic representation of the self and serve as a reminder that they are capable of absolutely anything.

It’s customizing your body so that it feels like home. Gifting your skin with symbolic references and mapping out your emotional journey constantly reminds you of your growth. That being said, getting a tattoo or piercing is an intimate experience that should not be taken lightly.

The art not only transforms the physical body, but it modifies the mind as well. The selection of the art that will permanently adorn your body is very personal. It’s a time for deep self-reflection and will invite you to investigate what truly holds significant meaning in your life. Even if you choose the design spontaneously, a story will formulate around the tattoo as you begin to live with it on your body. A tattoo will grow with you, and as you age, it will beautifully reflect your experiences.

To avoid the dreaded feeling of regret, ensure that the design speaks to you personally. Ask your trusted friends for advice and search around on Pinterest for inspiration, but it’s ultimately up to you what gets done to your body. Your design may symbolize someone you love, an experience, or simply bring you a sense of tranquility when you catch a glimpse of it.

Of course, you will inevitably meet people who are unsupportive of body modifications. Simply thank them for sharing their opinion, then move on. They have no authority to judge your decisions, especially if that tattoo makes you feel good about yourself. It’s your body, and you have every right to do what you want to it! You’re the only soul that will ever get to occupy your body, so decorate it in a way that brings you fulfillment. Life is so short, don’t let someone’s rude comment ruin your day.

Make sure you are comfortable with the artist you selected above all else. Do your research, and seriously don’t settle until you find someone who makes you feel safe. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a whole sleeve inked or a new earring, the artist will be touching and changing your body so they should make you feel at ease, even if the nature of the procedure intimidates you. For tattoos, choose an artist whose style correlates with your own. You’re gonna have their art on you for the rest of your life, so choose wisely.

Fair warning: it’s going to hurt, but the pain is so worth it. It’s wearable art and a whirlwind of new confidence at the expense of a little discomfort. It’s an art form to make you feel empowered. Let your body inspire you to chase those goals and make your dreams a reality.


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