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Bathrobes For Every Occasion

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

by Alexandra Rose

No matter your age or gender, bathrobes are simple yet luxuriously fun items everyone can enjoy. Bathrobes can make you feel like a movie star ready to be pampered prior to a red carpet debut or remind you of that beach vacation where you threw on the infamous white hotel robe fresh out of the shower after a long day at the beach. Below are 6 different bathrobes for almost any occasion.

For getting ready:

With a silky-smooth texture, this lightweight bathrobe will make you feel like the next Victoria’s Secret model. Perfect for getting ready, this kimono-style robe will feel soft on your skin and will not ruin your makeup when you take it off, thanks to the matching tie.

For an at-home spa day:

Treat yourself to a spa day with this thicker white bathrobe. Made of 100% cotton, this robe has a comforting weight to it that brings the oversized hotel robe experience to your home.

For a movie night:

This is, without a doubt, the softest of the bunch. A personal favorite of mine, this UGG robe is soft and cozy without being too heavy. Throw on any fuzzy robe with your favorite pajamas, or wear it as is, and cuddle up to a movie (or movies) of your choice.

For when you are feeling extra:

Let’s be real. Does anyone really need this? Probably not. Will it make you feel like the richest person in a 50-mile radius? Absolutely.

For a wedding:

If you or a friend have a wedding come up, these customized satin bridal robes are a perfect gift. These are such a cute and fun idea to make the upcoming wedding extra special and great for a photo opp.

For when you want to leave the house:

If you love loungewear, this one is for you. While you can technically wear any of these robes in public, this one is easier to pass as a long cardigan. You can dress this long, soft robe up or down, or however your heart desires.

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