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A Powerful Look at the Sexualization of Young Girls Courtesy of "Pretty Baby" Doc

Updated: May 14, 2023

by Isla Lewis

Movie poster for Pretty Baby
Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby

In a potent display of vulnerability and strength, Brooke Shields, an emblematic figure of Hollywood, unveils her compelling documentary, "Pretty Baby." With a career launched in the limelight as an infant model, Shields, known for her performances in films like "Pretty Baby" and "The Blue Lagoon," recounts her turbulent journey, punctuated by relentless sexualization by both the public and the media.

"Pretty Baby" serves as a poignant mirror reflecting Shields' experiences as a child star, victim of persistent sexual objectification. The film unflinchingly highlights the immense pressure she shouldered to conform to societal standards of beauty and thinness, alongside the objectification she faced from industry men. Shields courageously recounts the emotional ordeal she experienced under her mother and manager's abusive reign.

A seminal piece, "Pretty Baby" shines a spotlight on the disturbing sexualization of young girls in the media and the entertainment industry. This essential viewing is a clarion call to anyone passionate about safeguarding children's welfare - in or out of the fashion and entertainment industries.

A Testament to Brooke Shields' Resilience

Brooke Shields' life is marked by a series of formidable adversities, but through each, she has emerged stronger. Her resilience and courage are nothing short of inspiring. As we immerse ourselves in her narrative, we should actively lend our support to her, applauding her efforts to raise awareness about the alarming sexualization of young girls.

A Rallying Cry for Change

The fashion and entertainment landscapes remain distressingly focused on the sexualization of young girls. This skewed perspective demands a radical shift. It's high time we inculcate the concept of respect for one's body in our children, teaching them that their bodies are not mere commodities. We must champion the belief that they command respect, irrespective of their physical attributes.

Each of us has the power to effect change. Initiating conversations with our children about body positivity and self-respect can be the first step. We can amplify our impact by supporting organizations striving to transform how young girls are depicted in the media.

By joining hands, actively, we can pave the way for a world where all girls are accorded the respect and dignity they inherently deserve.

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