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A Day as a Poker Dealer

By: Marta Pignatone

Online gambling has been the talk of the town. I’m sure you’ve heard all about it from friends, colleagues, your partner, or social media. Although you are playing through a screen, most online gambling websites feel intimate; the dealers in front of the cameras seem professional and personable. Most even seem to have memorized all the players’ names by heart.

Last summer, I was looking for a job and a friend of mine talked to me about the gambling industry.

I applied late at night in April and in less than two weeks, I was working for one of the biggest websites in the industry.

I didn’t know much about poker and gambling has never been my thing, but the training they provided was helpful and everything inside the building was super professional and caring.

The fact that we were actually working with money was super clear; you could feel the severity in the air.

In the first weeks of training, you’re told not only about dealing techniques and the games themselves, but also how to properly wear your uniform, how to perfectly groom your hair, how to do your make-up (ever for the men), and how to keep your nails. Everything had to be absolutely perfect.

After the training period, you become a game presenter and face one of every trainees’ biggest fears: being alone with the cameras and entertaining the players. I found myself surrounded by shining lights and cameras. There’s no room for shyness or insecurities; you’re an actual entertainer and people are counting on you not only to play but to chat enjoy the games. The funnier and more talkative a dealer is, the more players will get to know you and be happy to have you as a dealer.

One of the pros is increased self-esteem and perfect make-up, but the con is certainly the working hours. Nights, holidays, and early mornings, you have to show the better version of yourself, inside and out which, in long run, can obviously feel frustrating. So although it can be a fun job, next time you’re (responsibly) playing online games, remember to be kind - it’s probably the middle of the night for your dealer.


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