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8 Songs Topping Apple Music’s Charts Around the World

By Rita Johnson

Here in the United States, we have the coveted Billboard Music Charts. Week after week, the music industry battles to see who will top the charts and claim the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. Artists such as BTS, Billie Elish, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande have all had songs land at #1. For some, they’ve kept the #1 spot for weeks.

But what about music around the world? What’s the rest of the world listening to? Here are eight songs topping Apple Music’s Top 100 charts from around the world that are perfect for your next playlist:


Number one in Botswana right now is Izolo by DJ Maphorisa and Tyler ICU featuring Madumane, Mpura, Daliwonga, and Visca. Released in April 2021, this song has been on the charts for over 16 weeks! This seven-minute long, upbeat song is perfect for a late-night dance party. The instrumental sections are paired well with smooth singing and catchy, head-bobbing raps. You can’t help but get up and dance!


La Cumbia Boliviana by Bonny Lovy is currently topping Bolivia’s charts. Recently released on August 6, this song brings nothing but good vibes to the dance floor. If the artist is having fun in the music video, then you know this song is a bop! With a mix of traditional instruments and electronic flair, this song will certainly fit in a variety of playlists, perfect for your next party.


Coming in at number one in Malta is Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran. Released on June 25, smooth vocals and catchy melodies are Sheeran’s signature sauce. With Sheeran’s vampire appearance in the music video, it’s clear that it’s a sign to dance until the morning sun like the undead!


Rakam 1 Da Mesh Enta by El Joker takes the number one spot on Egypt’s charts. This addicting rap song, released July 27, starts with an orchestral introduction and is quickly met by a snappy beat. El Joker’s verses flow smoothly and build up to a catchy chorus. It only takes one listen to this song to become hooked!


Ranking number one in Tajikistan is Måneskin’s 2017 cover of Beggin'. Originally sung by the Four Seasons in 1967, Måneskin’s cover has been gaining popularity on TikTok, with over 8.6 million videos using the audio. Måneskin gives the song a heavy dose of rock, accompanying the lead singer’s gravelly voice. This song will surely be a crowd-pleaser at any get-together!


Coming in at number one on Malaysia’s charts is Stay by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. A July 9 release, and wildly popular on TikTok with close to 1 million videos using the audio, this song gives off retro vibes with the backing synthesizer. If you play this at a party, be prepared for your friends to ask you to play this at least one hundred times!

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South Korea

Ranking number one on South Korea’s music charts is 바라만 본다 (Foolish Love) by MSG Wannabe (M.O.M. sub-unit). Formed after competing on a variety show, the smooth vocals of this group are sure to be a crowd favorite! Don’t let the mellow intro fool you; once the beat kicks in, people will surely start swaying to the music!


August by Taylor Swift is currently claiming number one on Nepal’s music charts. This 2020 song is laid-back, perfect for winding down after a long night of dancing. This bittersweet song is accompanied by upbeat guitar and Swift’s honey vocals.


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