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8 Amazing Makeup Artists on Tik Tok

by Evie Shaye Herndon

It is no secret that Tik Tok houses some incredible talent when it comes to makeup and beauty. You can find perfectly lined lips, beautiful cut creases, pristine cat eyes, and contour that looks like plastic surgery. Beauty truly comes to life through Tik Tok everyday as people all over the world scroll through thousands of makeup videos for hours and hours. However, among the glitz and glam, there are makeup artists who do not choose generic beauty looks. These artists do not go for the classic black eyeliner and red lip combo. Instead, these artists choose to spend their time, essentially, reconstructing their face. I am talking about the makeup artists who can turn into zombies, fairies, and mythical creatures. These are the people who go all out and bring to life the creatures we dream up.

Here are 8 notable Tik Tok influencers who are scary good at makeup:


Tenisha Billington is a true makeup baddie. She can go from a sexy date night look to the corpse bride in 0.2 seconds. You will think she is literally morphing between makeup looks, that is how smooth her transformation is. It doesn’t matter if she makes it look like half of her face is rotting off or if she transforms into all of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Tenisha really is flawless.


Hollie Brookes is a pro at making colorful shapes on her face. These shapes are full of depth, dimension, and color creating an almost 3D effect in all of her looks. She shows true artistry in her makeup design.


Nikhita Patel has the unique ability to create a masterpiece on her body. She is like the Michelangelo of body art. She will do elaborate body paintings of characters, creatures, or scenery. She will then extend the theme to her face and create a fluent work of art.


Ruthie can go from the glam of the ages, to the perfect recreation of the purple devil emoji. She is extremely well versed in basic beauty knowledge, but she doesn't stop there. She can convert her face into disturbing characters.


Sydney Morgan is the queen of cartoon imagery. She does a great job of drawing and styling looks to go along with a specific image. Whether it is a rainbow, a disco ball, or a volcano she will take it and run, creating a look that absolutely kills.

@ Jharnabhagwani

Jharna bhagwani is the master of creepy… but in the best way possible. Not only is her makeup game amazing, but she plays into the characters and really sells it. If you want to be shocked and amazed, she is the girl for you.


Paulie David’s makeup looks are truly insane. He can completely adapt to that disturbing monster from your nightmare. Half the time you will actually believe he is whatever erie creature he has created.


Leticia Gomez can become every one of your favorite celebrities. No joke. She is like a shapeshifter and you will be astonished. She can contour, line, shade, and color her way to whoever. It is like an actual superpower.

This is just a taste of the amazing talent you can find on Tik Tok. There are hundreds if not thousands of skilled makeup artists creating videos and posting them on Tik Tok. However, I believe these artists specifically should be noted for having some of the best makeup talent on the app. Their skill and ambition should be admired and supported.


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