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By: Malaika Mosele

Over the last three pandemic-filled years, we have seen fashion make several callbacks to popular styles in past eras: the 80’s puffer, the 20’s shift dress, 50’s checkerboard patterns, etc. The list could go on and on. Here’s a list of new trends to watch out for — and jump on — to elevate your style in 2022.


Since 2019, we have seen pearl jewelry all over the market. Some attribute this to Harry Styles’ love of accessories. Either way, you’ve seen this trend trickle down from celebrities to the average jewelry

wearer. Just think, how many times have you seen Vivienne Westwood’s pearl choker in the last week alone? This trend is making its way back to clothes with pearl buttons, pearl-encrusted jeans, and sweaters.

It is probably the most accessible trend on the list; You can get your own pearls at H&M, Free People, and Ralph Lauren.



This is one trend that’s been trying to break into the mainstream over the last decade, but it never caught on until now. With the intersection of comfort and fashion front and center, this trend is making a splash. You’ve probably seen celebrities wearing this trend all year, and why not? It looks amazing! Floral bodysuits are the most popular, but monochrome and sequin suits are making their mark, too.



This trend comes back every holiday season, but we are now seeing sequins in day-to-day wear. They are an easy way to spice up outfits and have wow-worthy street style. Although comfort is a big pandemic priority, flashy and colorful outerwear is all the rage!



Let’s talk about the scariest trend on this list: yes, low-rise is coming back. Low-rise was in Vogue during the early 2000s and, if you weren’t a size zero and had abs, it was also the bane of your existence. With the boom of the body positivity movement in the last few years, it’s no surprise that we are all revisiting styles that were scary or exclusive. Everyone can wear low-rise jeans and everyone should!



If you’ve been on TikTok this year, you’ve seen feather-cuffed shirts, jeans, and jackets. All things fun and extravagant are coming back. We may be stuck in a COVID-19 loop, but let the Roaring Twenties live on through our fashion!


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