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5 Things To Do on a Girls’ Night for Homebodies

By Jennah Owda

As much fun as it is going out dancing and singing karaoke with the girls, I sometimes just want a chill night in. Here are a few ways to still have fun on a “girls” night while staying in.

Binge-Watching Movies

This may seem like an obvious activity for a “girls” night in, which it is, but I like to see it as a classic thing to do. I personally love to watch rom coms with my girls, specifically the “Twilight” series. I know you are probably thinking to yourself, “But that's not a rom-com.” Trust me, it is. The terrible acting and awkward lines will have you and your girls cackling. A funny movie paired with some of the best junk food (wings, in my opinion) makes for the perfect girls’ night in.


If you still miss singing terribly to a crowd, you have nothing to worry about. Simply go onto YouTube and search for the karaoke version of the song you want to sing, and voilà, you have an inexpensive karaoke machine. Screaming songs at the top of your lungs with your favorite girls is an unforgettable bonding experience.


Painting is a great way to relax with your girls and have some deep conversations. With music in the background and some delicious snacks, it can be a great way to unwind while enjoying each other's company. My friends and I love to buy mini canvases and switch them every ten minutes; this way, we painted two paintings together.

PowerPoint Presentations

This may sound odd when you first hear the idea, but hear me out. Before attending the “girls” night, each friend must prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation. The presentation can be about absolutely anything as long as it is fun and makes us laugh as much as possible. For example, I once did a PowerPoint on Remy, the rat from the movie “Ratatouille.” The PowerPoint can include pictures, gifs, and videos. Each friend will have their turn to present and make everyone laugh.

Fast Food Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are weirdly fun and satisfying to make, but cheese and crackers can get tiring after a while. Instead of the fancy expensive cheese and green olives, each friend brings their own charcuterie board decorated with their favorite fast food items; this way, you and your friends can indulge in some amazing fast food aesthetically!


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