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5 Latina Artists To Watch

by Jenny Castro

In recent years Latin music has become quite the stir, catching the attention of a worldwide audience and mainstream radio play. Artists such as Bad Bunny, Becky G, and Karol G are currently dominating the charts and are at the forefront of the movement. Musical styles such as Reggaeton, Regional Mexican, Corridos, and Banda continue to allure music lovers, there are many more amazingly talented artists who are emerging on the scene, such as Peso Pluma and Grupo Frontera. Among the latest surge in Latin there are also other artists to watch out for who have been gaining traction with their new music. The following list contains 5 talented Latina artists who are emerging with their amazing singing abilities and changing the narrative of music. Check out the following list, and be sure to take a listen on online streaming platforms.

1. Mandi Castillo

Image of Mandi Castillo

Singer Mandi Castillo hails from San Antonio, Texas, and is of Cuban and Mexican heritage. Her music is inspired by old school R&B and is also a mix of pop and Latin. Castillo was featured on season 18 of "The Voice" and received a 4-chair turn from the judges, including her coach John Legend. Castillo comes from a musical family, as her uncle Jorge Alejandro is a musician in the Tejano music scene in Texas. Castillo's first self-titled EP was released in 2020 after her appearance on "The Voice." The EP has 6 songs in total, which cover topics of romance and relationships. Castillo showcases her gorgeous singing ability on the album and also released a full-length album on Cinco de Mayo of last year titled "Juicy." Listening to the album is nostalgic, as it has sounds of '90s-infused inspiration—think Mariah Carey and Mandy Moore. Castillo features songs in English and Spanish, paying homage to her roots. Some of my favorites include “Missing You,” “So Sweet,” and “One of Them Knights.” Check out Castillo's self-titled EP and album “Juicy,” as well as her latest singles, "Love Struck," and "On My Mind.” Follow Mandi on Instagram @itsmandicastillo.

2. Jay Roxxx

Jay Roxxx

Of a Mexican-American background, Jay Roxxx has gained a large following due to her authentic style and relatable lyrics. Roxxx grew up in El Centro, California, and showcases her Chicano style in her appearance. Donning lip liner, a powdered face, and eyeliner, she is the true epitome of a Chicana representing the California lifestyle. A rarity, Roxxx continues to defy musical norms and showcase her diverse explorations of different musical styles. Her first album titled "Princesa" was released in 2021 in collaboration with MC Magic, a known and highly respected artist in Chicano Rap. The album features 11 songs, including a remix of the song "Princesa." Jay Roxxx's music is a fusion of pop, rock, R&B, cumbia, and traditional Mexican music.The 21-year-old has fascinated her audience with her deep vocal range and lyrics, which focus on topics ranging from love to depression. Follow Jay Roxxx on Instagram to learn more @antisocialextrovert.

3. Ashley Acosta

Ashley Acosta

Ashley Acosta is a Mexican-American artist based in Houston, Texas. The 21-year-old has been featured on numerous singing competitions on Spanish-language channels, including "La Voz Kids" when she was just 11 years old. Acosta's strong and natural voice is on par with some of the greatest singers in the Latin market, both past and present. To date, she has released a few original singles called "Te Necesito" and "Quiero Arriesgarme Contigo," both banda styled musical arrangements, which are highly popular with Mexican audiences. Managed by her father, Acosta is a rising star in Regional Mexican Music and can sing just about any genre in English and Spanish including jazz, rock, soul, and pop. Keep an eye out for Acosta’s future music and potential official first album. Follow her Ashely on instagram @ashley.juliette.acosta

4. Majo Aguilar

Majo Aguilar

Stemming from music royalty, Majo comes from the Aguilar Dynasty, as her grandparents are known as the iconic Antonio Aguilar and singer-actress Flor Silvestre out of Mexico. Majo's uncle is an international icon as well—singer Pepe Aguilar—and cousins Angela and Leonardo Aguilar have all carved out musical careers just as well. Majo's unique voice is similar to her grandmother Silvestre, and the singer has so far released two albums. Currently touring various venues, Majo recently performed in Washington State's tri-cities. Her music is a combination of traditional regional Mexican along with pop- rock. Aguilar is currently on the rise, and continues to release impressive music. Keep up with the artist on social media @Majo_aguilar.

5. Lupita Infante

Lupita Infante

Grammy-nominated Lupita Infante also comes from music royalty, as her grandfather is one of Mexico's biggest icons of all time, the talented Pedro Infante. Infante has released three albums to date, including a Christmas album and recently "Amor Como En Las Peliculas de Antes'' earlier this spring. The album is inspired by love and romance depicted in vintage films, including her grandfather’s iconic films in Mexican cinema.The singer-songwriter has emerged as a leading talent in Regional Mexican Music and even earned a Grammy nomination for her album “La Serenata.” Infante’s lyrical content focuses on heartbreak and love while championing women's emotions and perspectives as seen in her songwriting. Infante is currently touring and continues to honor her grandfather and roots while adding her own touch to Regional Mexican music. Follow Lupita on Instagram to learn more @lupitainfantexo.

Don't miss the chance to discover these talented Latina artists who are making waves in the music industry. Follow them on social media, stream their music, and support their journey to success.

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