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4 Tips on How to Dress Up Lounge Wear

By Stephanie Lam

Since shelter-in-place orders were enacted, people have swapped business clothes for sweatpants and fitted shirts for pajamas. However, just because people are starting to wear comfy clothes, doesn’t mean they have to neglect their sense of fashion. As someone who has worn sweatpants and loose-fitting clothes for the majority of her life, I found there are many ways to make comfy outfits fashionable. Here are my top four ways to dress up any loungewear.

1. Pair a loose pair of pants with a fitted top or vice versa

Loose-fitting clothes can give your body plenty of breathing space. However, the outfit can make you look a little messy if you were to go outside. To establish a clean and comfortable look, consider wearing a fitted blouse or long sleeve with sweats. You can also pair an oversized sweater or jumper with flexible dark-colored tights.

2. Switch up your color palette

You don’t have to keep wearing the same dark-colored sweatpants at home. There are plenty of pants that can come in trendy patterns, like denim or silk. Staying at home can be a good time to try on clothes that are outside your usual color palette. Try on bold colors like orange and yellow to brighten up your day and prepare your wardrobe for fall.

3. Add simple jewelry

Wearing a simple necklace or stacked bracelets can make your outfit look more stylish. I like to stick to lightweight jewelry. For example, a crystal pendant or gold or silver-colored chain can add an elegant touch to your typical sweatshirt. Bulky staple necklaces or bracelets can be uncomfortable to wear at home.

4. Try on fun-patterned socks or accessories

Socks come in a multitude of different designs, patterns, and prints. Wearing socks that contrast your color scheme can add a pop of color and personality to your outfit. The same idea goes with scarves, hats, or even hair clips and extensions.

Stephanie Lam is an editorial intern who likes finding unique ways to write about culture, fashion and lifestyle.


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