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14 Times “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Slayed the Fashion Game

By: Janelle Sessoms

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” has made a permanent mark in the entertainment industry and in our hearts. The beloved show has paved a way for newfound appreciation for the drag community. But it’s not only the entertainment factor that we love; it’s the fashion game too. The amount of times that RuPaul’s queens have slayed the fashion game is countless. Just when you think the queens have reached the fashion peak, the looks get better and better each season.

With the show officially renewed for a fourteenth season, we have a whole new group of queens to fall in love with and looks to appreciate. While we wait for the new season to air, we can look back on some of the top looks of the past. Coming up with a list of best looks from RuPaul’s Drag Race sounds easier than it looks—there are 13 seasons worth of fashion to go through! However, while this may not be a complete list, here are 14 looks where drag race totally slayed the fashion game.

Symone: Trains for Days (Season 13)

Season 13 winner, Symone, had some of the best looks of the season and arguably in the entire history of the show. One of which is her “Trains for Days” runway look, where she sported a teal corset and jumpsuit accessorized with a matching long teal durag. Symone took the initiative for every look to celebrate Black fashion and excellence. This was the first time a queen had ever worn a durag on the runway, and we were all here for it.

Aquaria: Last Ball on Earth (Season 10)

This cotton candy-colored fur number from Aquaria’s runway look will forever be a statement piece. Aquaria killed it each week, but this look is certainly one of her most memorable. It helped that it stood out on the runway with its pops of color.

Gigi Goode: Black Wedding (Season 12)

An ode to the classic Dior gown, Gigi Goode’s runway fit from the “Black Wedding” theme could only be described as stunning. The drama from the big tulle gown, elegance from the simplistic silhouette, and rich silk fabric was everything.

Symone: Bead It (Season 13)

Symone killed it during her season with multiple stand-out looks. One that absolutely deserves recognition is her bead-themed runway look. This traditional African-inspired outfit was made completely out of beads and had a stunning hairpiece. This awe-inspiring moment was a fashion highlight and a beautiful ode to her culture.

Valentina: White Party Realness (Season 9)

Valentina understood the assignment with her gorgeous all-white mermaid silhouette wedding dress. Her waist was snatched, makeup on point, and walked like she owned the stage. This is an unforgettable look and one for the Drag Race history lookbook.

Sharon Needles: Post-Apocalyptic (Season 4)

Fashion doesn't always have to be glamorous and elegant. Sharon Needles' look was horrifically fashionable in her zombie-inspired dress complete with equally horrifically beautiful makeup. Sharon proved to everyone that drag doesn’t always equal glamour but can still be chic.

Raja Gemini: Fabulous Drag (Season 3)

There can’t be a best-dressed roundup from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and not include this iconic look from Raja. Her homage to Vivienne Westwood was surreal. Before corsets were a trend, there was this look. She gave royalty, glamour, and elegance right in front of us, and we still aren’t over it.

Eureka O’Hara: Hats Incredible (Season 10)

There’s nothing like serving a major fashion moment with a full-body houndstooth pattern look. The ensemble fit her body to perfection, and while she missed the mark for the challenge, she nailed it the look itself.

Violet Chachki: Fall Fashion Week (Season 7)

Violet Chachki’s look is the embodiment of style. She was giving sexy, sleek, polished, and chic all in one. Her plunging neckline was to die for, and the glittery red stilettos were the icing on top. She looked amazing and did Fall Fashion Week right.

Courtney Act: Animal Kingdom Couture (Season 6)

Courtney Act gave a whole new meaning to a “fly look.” The minute her wings fanned out at the end of the runway, she took everyone’s breath away. It was totally unexpected yet perfectly on theme.

Violet Chachki: Reunion Finale (Season 8)

Violet Chachki was the moment in her stunning green ball gown. She wowed the crowd and raised the bar for all the future queens to come. She gave royalty like no other, and we were here for it. All hail, queen Violet!

Utica Queen: Bag Ball Eleganza (Season 13)

Constructed entirely from sleeping bags, Utica’s Bag Ball dress was absolutely stunning. She took it to a completely different level. It was something straight out of a fashion magazine that even some of the top editors could probably appreciate. It was quirky yet chic, which is exactly who Utica is.

Symone: Fascinating Fascinators (Season 13)

Black Lives Matter is a movement, not a moment. Symone came out in this beautiful all-white ensemble, and when she turned around, she put her hands in the air with two bullet holes in the back of her dress. The whole moment was so moving, and it was inspiring to see Symone use her drag as a constant platform for activism.

Gottmik: Grand Finale Eleganza Extravagnza (Season 13)

Elegant extravagance to its core, Gottmik’s finale look was everything anyone could ask for. The statement sleeves, cinched waist, over-exaggerated hips, and mermaid silhouette were showstopping. The moment she walked out in that outfit, it was her world, and we were simply living in it.


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