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10 Ways to Make Extra Cash

By Evie Herndon

If you are anything like me, you struggle to save up your cash. The little money you do make goes towards food, gas, and other life necessities. Of course, the occasional Saturday shopping spree and a few Starbucks lattes can’t be helped. You may be looking for a way to make a few extra bucks on the side to support your retail therapy and caffeine dependence.

Here are ten easy ways to make some extra cash:

1. Sell old clothing online

Most of us have things we could live without in our closet; I know I do. So why let it sit there and collect dust? Instead, post your old clothes on Depop or Poshmark. I have done this and have found it to be very helpful.

2. Donate plasma

Donating blood and plasma is another way to make a lot of cash, and fast! I donated plasma for the first time this semester, and I have been really pleased with the extra cash. Check out your local clinic -- sometimes they have incentives to encourage people to donate. In Nashville, they offer special deals every month. For example, they were just offering $1000 to anyone who would donate twice a week during April.

3. Take surveys

Can’t believe that people would literally pay you money for your opinion? Well, it’s no joke! You won’t make hundreds, but it is still a little bit of coffee money. Check out Survey Junkie and Life Points, sites where you can make cash taking online surveys. I like to take two to three surveys while I watch Netflix at night.

4. Take pictures of your grocery store receipts

I’m revealing a secret here. There is an app that will pay you to take photos of your grocery receipts. In this app, called Ibotta, all you do is search for grocery items you may need. If you end up buying items that appear on the Ibotta app, take a photo of the receipt and submit it in the app. They will literally pay you to do this!

5. Get paid for your fitness journey

Need some motivation to get into shape? Well, here it is. With Heathywage you can literally bet money on yourself and the amount of weight you will lose in a specific timeframe. You can make upwards of $500. So next time you step on a treadmill, make sure you have placed your bets before you start your workout.

6. Sell your iPhone photos

On the website Foap, you can sell your picturesque iPhone photos. The app sells your images to blogs, articles, or other sites. If someone likes your image, they can buy it from Foap, and you will get a portion of the money. You can upload as many photos as you want, and you might make a lot of money if your pictures are good for backgrounds or features.

7. Photography

In a world where pictures are everything, why not start a side business photographing friends and family? I have recently been trying this out and have made over $300. The key here is affordability. Photographers usually charge an arm and a leg for images. If you have skill and charge under $100, people will certainly hire you. I did a ‘30 minute for $15’ spring-break special and had nearly 20 people ask for photos. It is really something to consider.

8. Babysit

Simply reach out to your neighbors or friends with children. You can also build connections by setting up an account on Both of these are great ways to get some simple babysitting jobs. I have been able to save up a lot of money from babysitting a few times a week.

9. Clean Houses

Just like babysitting, this is a great option to present to your neighbors and friends. Offer to clean their kitchens, bathrooms, cars, etc. Even though it is a small weekend job, I was able to put a lot of cash into my savings account.

10. Recycle

For decades, people have been making money from recycling. All you do is simply save the bottles, cans, jars, etc. and take them to a recycling center in your city. You will get paid a small percentage for the items you have collected. Not only will you be paid, but you will feel great by helping the planet.


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