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The 'Soft-Girl Revolution': Unpacking the Illusion of Ease and Empowerment

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

woman standing in the sun
Image by Gulcin Guler

Ah, the soft-girl revolution — imagine your Instagram feed drenched in pastels, awash in a sea of daisy chains, and bursting with serene selfies accompanied by #SelfCareSunday hashtags. In a digital age fueled by hustle culture, the "soft-girl" trend feels like a soothing balm, a whisper of gentle femininity amidst the shouts of "girl boss" empowerment. But could this be yet another social media facade, one that's putting women in yet another box? Let's unravel the knits and knots of this controversial trend.

Escaping the Grind, But at What Cost?

The "soft-girl" is the antithesis of the "girl boss" – that fast-talking, always-on, ladder-climbing juggernaut. She's the yin to the "girl boss" yang, leaning into mental health and self-care, and saying 'sayonara' to traditional notions of success. But is this softer approach really the antidote to millennial and Gen-Z women's anxieties, or is it just another label for women to aspire to, and potentially, fail to live up to?

Redefining Success or Reframing Stereotypes?

The shift is palpable; there's a strong pull towards redefining what 'success' means. But here's the catch: not every "soft girl" is living this dreamy life. Many comment sections are buzzing with criticisms, saying it feels like a forced fad. The notion that embracing your inner "soft girl" is somehow more genuine or empowering than being a "girl boss" seems like an illusion, especially when they're both born out of the same social media culture that tends to box women into certain roles.

Let's Get Real

Isn't it time to challenge both paradigms? Why trade one stereotype for another when the real freedom lies in creating your own narrative? Sure, being a "soft girl" may feel liberating for some, but let's not pretend it’s the ultimate form of empowerment. Real empowerment comes from the freedom to choose your own path, devoid of labels and societal expectations.

Your Trend, Your Rules

Soft-girl or girl boss, why not both or neither? It's high time we stop prescribing and start describing the multi-faceted, ever-evolving, and incredibly unique experiences of women today. In the wise words of many a commenter, “How about we just do whatever we want, and what feels comfortable and right for us individually?” Now, that's a trend we can all get behind.


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