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Patterns, Please!

By Sophie Wells

If there’s one good thing 2020 has given us so far, it’s the crazy, adorable patterns. Fashion is truly nothing without the intriguing stamps and shapes that give clothing it’s depth and character. And, as seen in these various pieces, patterns aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

First things first: floral prints! These colorful patterns give any outfit a feminine touch. This summer especially has been filled with short dresses and bathing suits covered in beautiful flowers of all kinds.

A more funky and alternative trend we’ve been seeing lately is dragon prints and fire splotches on mesh clothing. Most of these pieces are turtle neck and fairly see-through giving it an edgy twist.

Checkered patterns have also been a huge hit this year. Although this trend may seem a bit vintage, it works extremely well with red, black, and cream colors on bathing suits, sets, and more!

Another popular trend that seems to be sticking around from the early 2000s is animal prints. Zebra and cheetah have been spotted everywhere this year in every color and type of clothing.

Last but certainly not least, is tie-dye! When most think of this pattern, they immediately think of the 70s hippie era. However, this funky style has made a major comeback. Along with clothes this year, tie-dye has been spotted on nails, accessories, phone cases, and more.

Sophie Wells is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, cooking, and entertainment.


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