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Instagram Trends of The Week: June 29th - July 5th

By Claire Martindale

Instagram has been overwhelming us with an influx of styles this week, but fear not! We have carefully researched the top timeline trends for you to take note of this upcoming summer season.

Neon Bikinis: Despite beach parties across the nation being cancelled, we can still catch some rays on our patios while enjoying the luxury and self-confidence that comes with a great bikini. The prominent neon trend of last summer is thankfully back in our lives in the form of swimwear. Nothing is more jaw-dropping than bright neon colours against a gorgeous tan. Influencer favourite Frankie's Bikinis offers sustainable, high-quality bikinis in an array of eye-catching neon shades. We are loving this bright bikini set from Frankie’s modeled on @dananozime.

Gisou Products: As the next big thing in hair care, Gisou is both an aesthetic and luxury beauty brand that specializes in “bee-based” haircare. “Bee-based,” you may ask? All of Gisou’s products are infused with honey, containing nourishing minerals and amino-acids for your locks. Despite the rave reviews among influencers for the wonders Gisou products have worked on their hair, another major selling factor is the brand’s luxury, minimalist packaging which has been seen spotted in skincare and mirror selfies all over Instagram and beyond.

Pearl Jewelry: Though chunky gold jewelry is still a beloved addition to our jewelry boxes, pearl accessories of all kinds are coming back this summer. With a dainty look and vibe reminiscent of summer in the ’60s, pearls are a must-have for any girl who strives for a throw-back look with a modern twist. Try switching up your regular jewelry routine by swapping your go-to pieces for some classy pearls, adding balance to your casual lounge look and sassy streetwear fits.

Sweat Shorts: Move over biker shorts, there's a new trendy lounge short on the come up. A notable Instagram fashion trend this past week has been sweat shorts: long-length shorts made of breathable, thick cotton material. With the comfort of sweatpants and flattering length of biker shorts, these sweats serve as the perfect short for your casual days. Chic up these boyish bottoms with a crop top and some classic hoop earrings to add a feminine touch to your laid-back look.

Huji: Now what's a cute new outfit without the perfect shot for Instagram? Once the top photo app of 2017, Huji is thankfully back in full swing as the filter of choice among Instagram users. Huji is an application that acts as a virtual disposable camera. Simply snap a pic, and in just seconds Huji will generate your otherwise mundane shot into a vintage dream. We love how Outer Banks star @madelyncline documents her life through a retro lens:

Summer is debatably one of the most playful and innovative seasons of style, with the mix of warm weather and carefree attitudes leading to some of the most exciting must-try trends of the year. As the prime weeks of summer are yet to arrive, we can't wait to see what comes next—whether it be more innovative fashion looks, beauty products or new editing apps.

Claire Martindale is an editorial intern who is knowledgeable in all things fashion, sustainability, and social media.


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