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Fall Makeup Trends

By Emily Kline

As the fall breeze blows in, and the summer air dissipates many people scrounge around in the back of their closets and pull out their soft sweaters and warm boots in anticipation of the changing seasons. For many, the start of the season means the beginning of cold weather, new aesthetics, and warm comfort scents. And for those who follow fashion, fall signals the start of a new season of trends. This means a fresh beginning for outfits and new makeup ideas. Because let’s be honest, an outfit isn’t complete without a unique makeup look to finish it all off.

Fluttery Mascara: The first look can be worn on the daily, with a multi-colored eye, glossy eyeshadow, or even colorful low-liner. This look is a must-have for the new fall season and is a perfect investment because it can be worn for any occasion. Fluttery mascara can be obtained by simply purchasing the right mascara. What you want is something that helps separate and coat lashes while also making them look luscious long with lots of volume. I recommend using one or more coats to get this look. To get this look, wiggle your mascara wand from the start of your eyelashes to the tip, while fanning out your lashes.

Multi-Colored Eye Makeup: This look consists of wearing several contrasting hues of color, such as a citrusy orange eyeshadow with some aqua colored eyeliner. My recommendation is to try out colors ahead of time before wearing them out and about. You never know when two colors might clash. Regardless, this new trend is a must-do and will help add some color to your cozy fall outfit.

Colorful Low-liner: Instead of wearing eyeliner on just your top-lid, try wearing a bright color on your lower lid to make your eyes pop. I recommend purple or gold for green eyes, blue or green for brown eyes, taupe and purple for blue eyes, and gold or copper for hazel eyes.

Glossy Eyeshadow: Glossy eyeshadow is exactly how it sounds, simply find creamy eyeshadow that has a glossy effect at your local drugstore and spread it up until your eyelid crease. Glossy eyeshadow comes in multiple colors so feel free to experiment all you want. Match your outfit, be bold, or wear a simple light pink or brown to subtly draw attention to your eyes.

However, you choose to upgrade your look, have fun with it. Fall is a clean slate and a new beginning for fashion. Reinvent your look or stick with the old you. In a season that brings so much excitement and fresh ideas, who wouldn’t want to experiment with it?

Emily Kline is an editorial intern who is passionate and knowledgeable about fashion, beauty, and women empowerment.


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