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DIY Fashion Trends

By Haylee Thorson

With the majority of the world stuck at home, we’re constantly looking for new ways to keep ourselves entertained. Whether we’re binge-watching our favorite show on Netflix for the millionth time or baking yet another loaf of banana bread, quarantine has provided us with very few options for how we spend our free time. However, now that the entire world has slowed down just a bit, this is actually the perfect time to pick up a new hobby and put our creative skills to the test.

With social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram becoming everyone’s go-to sources of entertainment during this pandemic, fashion lovers from around the globe have massive amounts of inspiration right at their fingertips. From tie dye with bleach to resourceful thrift flips and TikTok hacks, here are some DIY fashion trends you’ll be seeing during lockdown and how to make them your own!

1. Tie Dye

DIY tie dye is all the rage and for good reason. Whether you’re wanting a chic sweatsuit that would make Hailey Bieber jealous or just a fun pair of sweatpants to wear around the house, you can easily achieve this funky trend from home. All you’re going to need is a cheap pair of sweatpants (I recommend this pair of men’s sweats from Walmart), bleach, a spray bottle, rubber gloves and rubber bands.

Now, there are two different approaches you can take when it comes to tie dye. First, you can either go the traditional route and buy a brightly colored tie dye kit from the store. Or, you can use bleach on a black article of clothing to achieve a cool tan pattern against the dark background. For the purposes of this article, I will be telling you how to achieve the latter.

Tie Dye With Bleach

In order to achieve this high-end look, you’ll need to fill your spray bottle with one cup of bleach and one cup of water. After you’ve done that, you’re going to take one leg of your sweatpants and scrunch it up until you reach the inseam of the pants. Next, take your rubber bands and wrap them in criss-cross motions across the bunched up pant leg. Repeat this on the other side and then scrunch up the remaining part of the sweatpants and add more rubber bands. Once all three parts are secure, take a few more rubber bands and add them diagonally across the pants. Next, put on your rubber gloves, take your pants outside and get to spraying!

*Make sure you don’t miss any crevices when you’re spraying the pants and only leave the bleach on for around 8-10 minutes.

Rinse the sweatpants under cold water and remove the bands. Be sure to keep rinsing until the water runs clear!

Once you’re finished rinsing, put your sweats in the washing machine and wash them on a normal setting in cold water and a splash of detergent. After that, toss them in the dryer and wait for your masterpiece to be complete!

*If you really want to go all out, repeat this process with a sweatshirt from Walmart and you’ll have yourself the coolest sweatsuit ever.

2. Thrift Flip

If your TikTok #ForYouPage or YouTube Recommendations know you like fashion, you’ve probably come across a thrift flip or two. For those of you who don’t know, thrift flipping is the art of finding an outdated or unflattering item at a thrift store and fixing it up into a brand new article of clothing. Thrift flips can include anything from turning an oversized pair of men’s jeans into a trendy pair of mom jeans or turning a boxy dress into a matching crop top and mini skirt.

Here are two easy thrift flips that you can do at home and what you’ll need.

Jean Flip

If you happen to stumble across an incredible pair of jeans at a thrift store, but they’re too big—buy them anyway! Taking in a pair of oversized jeans is actually quite simple and can even be done without a sewing machine. All you’re going to need is elastic, scissors and safety pins.

First, take your elastic and measure it to fit the size of your waist. Next, you’re going to take your scissors and cut two slits on the inside of the waistband near the button. After that, attach your safety pin to the end of your elastic, push it through the slit, and rope it through the inside of the waistband until it comes out the slit on the other side. Once you’ve done this, tug on either side of the elastic until the jeans feel tight enough on your waist and secure each side with a safety pin!

And voila! You’ve taken an oversized, unsightly pair of jeans and turned them into retro, flattering mom jeans that would make Urban Outfitters jealous. For more fun jean flips, check out this YouTube video by Haley’s Corner!

Skirt Flip

Want to rock a cute mini skirt but don’t want to spend $40 on one at Brandy Melville? We’ve got you covered! All you’re going to need for this thrift flip is a long skirt in a pattern of your choosing, a pair of scissors, safety pins and a needle and thread.

First, use your safety pin to indicate where you want your mini skirt to end and then use your scissors to cut about one inch below the pin. Next, fold the extra inch of fabric underneath the skirt and sew all the way around to create a smooth and even hem.

That’s it! This is a super easy way to take a boring old skirt and turn it into a trendy mini skirt that will pair perfectly with a simple blouse or crop top. If you want to check out a video tutorial on how to do this, I highly recommend checking out this YouTube video by bestdressed!

3. TikTok Hacks

If you’re anything like me, you were probably a bit apprehensive about downloading TikTok at first. But since we’re literally living through a global pandemic, you downloaded it as something to keep you entertained during quarantine and now you’re obsessed! Well, I’m obsessed too and I’ve come across so many videos showing me beauty and fashion hacks that I had never thought of before. Today, I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites with you.

Cropped Sweater

The first TikTok clothing hack is super easy and requires no cutting or sewing. All you’re going to need is a sweater and a belt!

First, take your belt and secure it on the middle of your waist over your sweater. Then, pull on the fabric from the top until it hangs over the belt and you can no longer see it.

This is such a great way to change up your look without having to physically alter your clothing.

Cuffed Sweatpants

This is a great fashion hack that is perfect for our current situation—cuffing wide leg sweatpants. All you’ll need for this is a few rubber bands and a baggy pair of sweats.

First, roll up the ends of the sweatpants and secure them with a rubber band on the outside. Then, fold the fabric underneath and you’ve got yourself a brand new pair of cuffed sweats!

This fashion hack will be a serious upgrade to your current quarantine fit.

Button Top Tie

This final TikTok hack is for anyone who loves the look of button down tops with a cute knot in the front, but can’t seem to properly execute it on tops that didn’t come that way. For this hack, all you’ll need is your favorite button down top.

First, take the two ends of your top and tie a simple knot. Then, take one end of that knot and create a small loop and pull the other end through that loop. Pull on both ends and you’re left with a brand new top!

With all of the ideas I've just given you, you are not allowed to complain about being bored during quarantine. Try one (or all) of these DIY projects out and let us know how it goes!

Good luck and happy crafting ☺︎

Haylee Thorson is an editorial writer who specializes in beauty, culture, and travel. Follow her on Instagram.


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