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6 Books for All the Loners Out There

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

by Emma Foster

Not everyone is an extrovert, and that’s fine! Sometimes people need to be alone, and other times they need to remember that it’s normal to want to spend time on their own. You may be called a loner or eccentric, but there are benefits to taking some time for yourself and just being who you are. Here are a few books to remind you of the benefits of being alone and being yourself, even if you don’t currently see solitude as a good thing.

As far back as 1988, Storr’s book argued that solitude is just as beneficial to human existence as the meaningful relationships it cultivates. Introverts not only take the time to better themselves psychologically, but they also boost our productivity in the activities they practice on their own.

In this nonfiction book, Sarah Maitland examines the cultural significance of silence and how helpful it can be for loners. It shows that silence may not always be a bad thing in the daily bustle of life and that maybe those who distance themselves can benefit from looking at life from a quieter angle.

Introverts aren’t usually seen as leaders, but Helgoe says differently. In work and life, introverts have unique abilities within themselves, and their lack of extroversion shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a problem. They can take the time to create spaces for themselves to boost their confidence in themselves and what they do.

Olivia Laing discusses what it means to be alone and lonely in the chaos of New York City. Through art, activism, and more, Laing explores how loneliness is not only part of existence but also something she can work with and explore.

Through essays and interviews, Fisher grapples with what it means to be alone and practice bettering yourself through solitude. Like other books on this list, Celebrating Time Alone describes how being a loner doesn’t have to be a bad thing, and with essays from people all over the country, it shows that anyone can work with their own solitudes.

Being a loner doesn’t mean one can’t celebrate themselves, their strengths, and their accomplishments. Being alone doesn’t mean they have to beat themselves up. Eggerue explains in her book how introverts and loners can take the time to remember they are enough, even if they don’t have other people around them.

People can be alone without being lonely. Many have the ability to take the time to recharge and see the beauty of solitude. It’s not a bad thing to want to be on your own, and becoming a strong individual is never a waste of time.

Being a loner or an introvert is just as valuable in a culture where extroversion is frequently valued. These works serve as a timely reminder of the advantages of isolation and how it may foster inner strength, creativity, and personal development. They urge us to accept our inner selves, enjoy who we are, and find beauty in seclusion. Thus, whether you consider yourself to be an introvert or you simply need some time to yourself, realize that you are great just the way you are.


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