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5 Fall Date Ideas

By Emily Kline

Finally! Fall has come, providing endless activities for you and your significant other to do. Because fall provides so many opportunities for cozy, romantic dates it is hard to know which ones to do and what to wear for each one. Below I have provided five dates and the perfect outfits for each one so that you can maximize your seasonal fall fun and look cute while doing it.

Pumpkin Patch:

The pumpkin patch is a traditional autumn staple. If you have been on Instagram within the past couple of weeks, the majority of posts are about people visiting the pumpkin patch. This is one-hundred percent the most cliche fall date, but it is a must. Whether you choose to buy a pumpkin, participate in the corn maze, or just buy warm ciders the pumpkin patch is everything falls. It also provides a perfect scenic background for your seasonal relationship pictures.

Because you will be getting dirty while picking out a pumpkin and walking around a corn maze, I recommend wearing jeans with a pair of black combat boots. Not only will your jeans and boots keep you warm, but they will also help you worry less about getting your clothes dirty. Dress warmly on top with a cozy turtleneck and a cute plaid scarf to play into the fall colors. Also, top it all off with a wide-brimmed hat to bring your outfit together.

Apple Orchard:

Similar to the pumpkin patch, apple orchards are another huge fall tradition for many people. You can pick apples with your significant other, eat apple pie, listen to live music, and if you’re of age indulge in the fresh alcoholic ciders offered. When picking out an orchard I highly recommend taking note of which ones are family-friendly and which ones are adult-oriented. Both types are great options, it depends on what kind of atmosphere you and your date are looking for.

For this date, I recommend dressing warm, and super girly. Apple orchards are a great place to take pictures because most places optimize on the artsiness of it all and will create Instagram-able moments by making arches or stands out of branches, apple barrels, etc. Because of the artiness of it all, I recommend looking your best because I can assure you that you will want to share your pictures on social media. Many people wear skirts and thin, black tights with a cute flowy top. Peasant tops with loose, long flowing sleeves are in right now and go well with a skirt and a green background such as the one you would experience at an apple orchard. With your skirt and flowy top combo, I recommend wearing heeled boots. Most of the time, apple orchards do not require much walking so heels should not be an issue. Plus they look super cute with a skirt and tights.

Coffee Shop:

If you’re looking for a casual, cheap date that is inside, I one-hundred percent recommend going to a local coffee shop. Local coffee shops usually decorate for fall so that you can appreciate the fall aesthetic from indoors and stay warm. Not only that but as the weather gets cooler many people begin to crave warm drinks and coffee shops often sell cheap warm teas and coffees. Additionally, coffee shops often allow the time to get to know your date better because they provide the opportunity for a long, in-depth conversation.

Because you do not have to worry about the cold, I recommend wearing something that makes you feel beautiful and comfy. This date allows for a lot of face-to-face time so you will want to feel confident and pretty. I would wear a soft, tight-fitting sweater in creme with a long cardigan over the top. A pair of light-washed jeans with a brown belt and tan colored boots. This outfit allows me to sit comfortably but also allows me to wear colors that compliment my coloring. It also lets me play up my face makeup, drawing attention to my face because I’m not wearing anything too loud or eye-catching.

At-Home Movie:

When it’s too cold outside, or you’re both tuckered out after a long week, an at-home movie date is a perfect activity. It allows time for you to just enjoy each other’s company without any social pressures. And what a perfect way to spend a cold, fall night cuddled up under blankets on the couch.

Leggings and an oversized sweater with a pair of fuzzy socks are the perfect outfit for a movie night and allows you to be cozy and comfy. Also, it helps you to get into a relaxed mood mentally because you’re not getting ready for a night out.

Pumpkin-Carving Party:

After going to the pumpkin patch, the next plausible step is to carve your pumpkin. To make carving your pumpkin even more exciting with your date invite other couples over to join you. This allows for a fun time, full of jokes and laughs.

I recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. To be creative and carve a pumpkin you can take pride in you’re going to have to get in there and that involves getting covered in pumpkin goop. Because you will have other people around dressing up is important, but also you need to keep it casual. This is why I would suggest wearing jeans and a peasant short-sleeved shirt with a thick headband. Because you are wearing short-sleeves you will not have to worry about the pumpkin goops getting on your shirt, and if you wear a thick headband you will look cute and your hair will not get in the way, providing perfect pumpkin carving conditions.

Emily Kline is an editorial intern who is passionate and knowledgeable about fashion, beauty, and women empowerment.


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